Why SunWize?

So. . . here we are. The real question you want answered - why should you choose SunWize Power & Battery as your remote power fiduciary? You get that we are an industrial company, but you need a bit more about us - we get that.  → → → →

Understanding why SunWize is the best choice for your company requires you understanding a few things about us. 

  • Who We Are
  • What We Do
  • How We Are Going to Impress You (a.k.a how we are different)

Who We Are

SunWize is a company committed to excellence. We strive to provide quality equipment to generate electrical power, store energy, and distribute power at remote sites. We've been in the game for over 20 years — like aged cheese we've only gotten better with time! We offer a range of on-the-shelf and fully custom stand-alone PV, hybrid, and battery-backup systems, as well as a full complement of battery and control cabinets. We use only quality power system parts from manufacture's we trust. SunWize is synonymous with reliability and quality and we've got the numbers to prove it!

To date, SunWize Power & Battery has designed, shipped, and deployed over 15,000 systems worldwide.
Jan. 1, 2019


We only use quality products -we've experienced less than 0.03% system warranty claims in the last 5 years.

Jan. 1, 2019

What We Do

On the surface, it's obvious. We provide a variety of remote power systems and electrical equipment. We offer remote solar, battery backup, and hybrid systems to solve most of your needs. But SunWize takes a step beyond simply offering products you can buy. We bridge the gap between the known and unknown in solar. We are dedicated to providing you with solutions free from frustrations by using quality products from quality manufacturers. We are your inside guy in the remote solar industry. Our customers trust us to deliver at an elite level - in terms of both quality and time frame. 


We solve complex power problems you COULD probably figure out, but don't really have the time to.


This allows you to optimize the crucial parts in your business, enabling you to drive excellence through quality.


SunWize Power & Battery is your remote power fiduciary - you trust us to deliver products with the 'wow' factor!

How We Dress to Impress

Well...I guess we aren't actually dressing per say since our quality work is pretty transparent, but these numbers do help you get to know the underlying excellence in our products. We've done quite a lot to result in satisfied customers. Since the beginning of SunWize Power & Battery we have maintained an average Quality Score of 99.69%! You can expect to experience this excellence when using us as your fiduciary. Here's how we do it! 

  • We make the process easy

    We are the in-between that digs through the industry to find you the best power equipment. The systems we engineer are easy to install and maintain. All we need are your load requirements!

  • We save you money through decreased downtime

    Your equipment is safe with SunWize systems — our systems are designed to be used in remote applications. Using a SunWize power system ensures your bottom line is protected by using a reliable system with the right equipment the first time. Let us show you how you can reduce or eliminate expensive site troubleshooting visits and battery replacements by using properly designed systems from SunWize.

  • We maintain up-to-date product knowledge

    We take pride in the manufacturer relationships we have developed. We are able to consistently provide the latest information due to the growth of these business relationships. You never have to worry – we provide the latest product documents.

  • We deliver products you can rely on

    We continuously look for ways to streamline our process to deliver your products even faster.